Friday, 14 July 2017

The deep love of Jesus

Jesus has power over life & death & all living & non- living things & spiritual beings because Jesus is God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit). Col 1:15-23. But what is power without justice & so a price must be payed & what if the price is too great & we need mercy.

In Scripture we read the good news of a just & merciful God interested in the affairs of the people of earth that cannot escape a captivity of their own doing, try as they might. In their attempt to find & fight for freedom they have only dug a deeper pit & a darker shadow further from the great light of the day.

And yet love comes down to rescue & redeem. In patience & purpose God demonstrates His love for His children. Not that they have deserved it, far from it, But God’s love & justice , like high soaring mountains is so great. Psalm 103:1-22. In a world of words & tongues God demonstrates actions & truth. 1 John 3:18.


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