Thursday, 20 July 2017

Revealing handiwork

The last two weeks have been early starts for me & some of us have been doing extra hours to get on top of the seemingly never ending list of things to do to get things ship shape for the new school term.

I tried to leave a little early each day to catch a few photos before work of the approaching new day (not just a regurgitated concept or a window to look through but a physical reality that gets nearer & nearer).

Scripture speaks this way of our redemption as we await its coming in expectation built upon the uncompromising promises of God demonstrated in Christ Jesus. 

I used to be a shunter on a rail system & on dog watch/night shift there was nothing I longed for more than for the sun to shine in all its glory as the cold winter nights challenged my frail & tender flesh & bone rugged up in clothing.

Nature mirrors the wisdom of God like a parable & teacher that points us of to the greatest knowledge of all. Not to know about God but to know Him intimately & enjoy relationship in goodness & love.Nature is not just an intricate Eco-system or a resource centre as some seek to reduce its magnificence & complexity to merely human,animal & natural terms. This great planet points to something greater again.


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