Thursday, 20 July 2017

He saves

We like to have names for this & names for that to bring out the detail in things. This can create confusion as much as clarity as our limited & finite minds come to grips with the mountains of true, false & ambiguous data streaming down to our experience.

Flooded with information overload, undersized & over-sized, the world rushes on, swept by a frantic pace of anti-mundane competitive edges peoples swirl & twirl about in their ought-ism, creativity & productivity to the maximum & without grace or truth.

The newspaper says this, the media say that. People say look here & look there. But I have found what I wasn’t looking for & I can be still & truly know that there is a God. Not Gnostic or Pantheistic & unidentifiable. He has a name & His name is Jesus. Jesus, name above all other Names. Isaiah 11:1-16.

In Him is no smug & sinister satisfaction but a blessing of peace & love of immeasurable depth that goes beyond sight & sound & into the sublime as only the divine can truly do.Psalm 103:1-22.


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