Monday, 26 June 2017

Chapter & Verse as We Hunger & Thirst

A little touch of Italy & America in the darkness of night on the land of Australia as cultures meld end to end in domino fashion on the telegraph globe in the bid to outwit & outplay in a Coke vs Pepsi kind of world that will not melt into one.Hutted encampments that viral into concrete as we carry our sugar & spice & all things nice as the environment becomes a casualty on the wrong side of fallen management as the peoples eat drink & be merry for tomorrow we die & we want to make the most of this life that comes with its sting of death & all that is left is the emptiness of the cardboard box destined to be recycled & renewed in karma fashion...The tribes speak & the tribes have spoken but so has God...Man shall not live by bread alone.Matt 4:4.

Four verse Four

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