Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Wonderfully Made

I had some things to attend to in Raymond Terrace yesterday afternoon before work. As it turned out I ended up with about 40 minutes to spare. It was a beautiful autumn afternoon & the shimmering river reflecting splendid sunlight made it more enjoyable. The riverside is a favourite & picturesque spot for people to pull up & have lunch or a break & stuff like that with its parkland & trees.

Flocks of Corella’s in various numbers flew overhead & along the water as they made their way to a sandbar downstream. Usually I associate Corella’s with raiding farmer’s crops. Seeing them group on the sand bar reminded me of a TV program that showed South American Macaws gathering on the banks of a river to munch into the soil or sand & maybe had something to do with salt or grit or mineral content.

I also managed a good shot of a cormorant in flight. I have also watched a program where Chinese fishermen train cormorants to dive for & catch fish from their bamboo rafts. The birds had restrictors on their necks to prevent them from swallowing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNEplaYZtpI

Cormorants & Parrots flew & swam with the dinosaurs in the land that got time & dating mixed up.http://creation.com/modern-birds-with-dinosaurs


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