Friday, 19 May 2017

Truth & love triumphs over evil

A lot of people are into the power of positivity & positive thinking. But if we are meant to function with a measure of negativity also, how would we know what to be positive & negative about.

Without truth we wander from one lie to the next & round & round we go. We may find a measure of satisfaction & dissatisfaction in the sweet & sour of life but truth would still be foreign to us.

Scripture proclaims the certainty of truth & it is unshakable, unlike the heavens & the earth that groan under the weight of sin & the curse. To be positive about sin is to invite ruin no matter how good it may feel or look for a time, long or short.

I would say the prodigal son was driven by his desire for what he thought were positive things…yet they turned out to be empty & hollow. In his ‘negative  experience’ he came to his senses (so to speak).Humble & broken thinking can be good, honest & truthful & better by far than so called positive hype & the highs of life that we inwardly yearn & desire. Luke 15:11-32. 

Only in God may truth be known, in His son he has physically demonstrated love & justice that we may be set free from the positive & negative things that hold us captive like death that will not let go. 

Positive & negative positive & negatives

The battle of truth & lies 


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