Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The devolution in the garden

The Bible is a one book narrative that does not change (Just like God). Because of sin, death & the curse is pervasive throughout the whole of creation. Humanity, the animal & plant kingdoms & the structures on which we function are all in need of restoration.

Over the centuries humanity has taken its intellectual & theoretical wedges, chisels & hammers to the Bible in order to break up its compelling message. From within the church & outside the church God’s opponents have sought to undo.

The message of the one eternal God & Salvation by grace is a great offence to many. Laughable & great material for comedians, God is continually mocked, just as he was on the cross. Jesus said if the world hated Him it will hate you too if you believe in Him. Reality Bites. John 3:16-21.

Many people have made their “peace” with sin & the devil & settled for the lie that nature is all there is. Reliant on mainstream thought & culture they find comfort in that alone it would seem.


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