Tuesday, 2 May 2017


 “The Fence” is a sermon based on Proverbs 24:30-32 written by Charles Spurgeon. http://www.spurgeon.org/misc/fence.php.There is a name for these types of sermons but I don’t know what it is. The preacher takes a text & begins to elaborate on biblical themes even though the text seems to not say as much.

In the first place& at the heart of it, the text appears to be about laziness & lack of maintenance & productivity. Prov 24:30-34. Follow this path & you will be held captive by poverty… nothing more & nothing less.

We are however spiritual beings, in Christ & in the church, & our activity or lack of it can equate to a rundown property or field depending upon what that is & our circumstances.

So you could a have a really immaculate looking house but spiritually be dilapidated, have a lovely looking garden but a life that is choking you like prolific weeds. Jesus spoke this way regarding whitewashed walls & the fig tree that ought to have produced fruit.

There are things that meet our eyes & things that are more to the eye as we live by faith & look to the Word for guidance in a world of back watered wooded homes, towering cities shiny with glass & the noise of traffic, highways, byways, oceans, mountains & rivers. Prov 3: 5-6.


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