Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Radiant & Raggedy

Mother’s Day in Australia is the second Sunday in May. Mothers can be a deep measure of comfort and a great source of embarrassment as much as a biological complexity of wonder & so much more. 

Mothers & children often battle it out in the field of fallen nature & nurture, maturity & immaturity & the power of me, myself & Mr & Mrs I Want.

We can find it hard to be grateful & thankful. Honouring our parents comes with its own dilemmas but it is not to be forsaken or denied. It is a lifelong command, not to make life difficult but to model our maker & know His wisdom in daily things. God’s wisdom is functional & practical & He gives us times to party, celebrate & enjoy His blessings.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow…

Tired by Norman Rockwell

In as much as this is an American image & it is depicting a saleswoman on Christmas eve as it alludes to last minute shoppers, it is not that hard too see the demands of the job of motherhood...rewarding & sacrificial & there are some things money just cant buy.



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