Friday, 26 May 2017

Perfect God

Chasing after the wind is a futile exercise. As much as we seek to understand & control various situations we ought to know our limits. To ignore this wisdom from on high is to bark up the wrong tree and people do as they pursue what they believe will sustain & fulfil them.

Ecclesiastes like Genesis reveals God at the centre of our lives. Without Him we won’t find satisfaction & God ought to know, He made us & He truly knows what good & evil is as humanity continues to turn things upside down & back to front in its quest to be God-like.

We may think & reason many things as we conclude this & that but without truth we do nothing more than stumble around in the dark. Is there such a thing as truth? God says there is & woe to them that spread lies & deceive others & themselves.Isaiah 5:20.

Christ came as a fulfilment to what the law could not & was never meant to do. Matt 11:25-30. Also what pleasure seeking drink & drugs, sex & money, science & religion, status & friends cannot do. To chase after these things as an all in all & reject God is to be blown away by the wind & swept here & there like waves that crash onto the shoreline & are no more.


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