Monday, 22 May 2017

Patterns in the pond

The idea that nature is like a cathedral as it towers skywards, particularly trees & high mountains is a popular one. And in a sense it is true as we witness the ‘hand’ of God in His creation. Awestruck and wonder yes, but something far greater & more precious is required...The message of God’s redemption & power displayed in Christ & that is the message & voice of the church of God.

The ascension of Christ has far more significance than vertical skyscrapers & towering trees but lays forgotten & discarded by society as it clambers for the next best thing…whatever that may be. There are many modern Babels & idols that lead us astray. The good things that God has given us become the worshipped & adored as distortion & extortion become our new tools. 

Only Christ can deliver us from them & lead us through as we press onwards by faith. Acts 1:1-11.Faith completes the picture, without it we remain devoid of redemption as we waste away to decay (what some say is getting older).Only the life giving Spirit of God can supply all that we need for life, death & eternity for our mind, body & soul. 


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