Thursday, 18 May 2017

Night vision

There have been suggested weather forecasts over the last few days that heavy rain is on the way. I couldn’t say for sure but I gather that is why this farmer was working last night gathering the hay ready to store under cover. The tractor was chugging away with wafts of exhaust being blown by a gentle breeze as the farmer went back & forth gathering the bales with a farm contraption of ingenuity.

Phoenix Park NSW

I tried resting the camera on the window sill of the car door taking a few shots (that didn’t turn out) then remembered that there was a tripod in the back & thought it worth the while to fumble around & set it up. The shots are not the best but I was glad to capture that moment in time as I travelled home from work about 6:20 pm (I should have got some video now that I think of it). The days are getting shorter as we move ever so closer to the winter months.

We are probably familiar with “make hay while the sun shines” which has become a saying for many things. Eccl 11:1-2. gives us a bigger picture still as it acknowledges the Creator God as Lord of all.

Think positive, think negative & think God: Eccl 11:7-8.

Some images from last Monday.

 Glen William NSW


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