Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Aged Iron

The more we think machines shall be our saviour the more we see ourselves or others or a product as saviours. We cannot deny the convenience & helpfulness of machines that is for sure but in terms of overcoming the curse & fall (Genesis 3) none other than God Himself has the wisdom & power to undo.

As we shift from age to age God remains the same, Stoneman, iron man, steam man, bronze man, electricity man, science man, plastic man, gas man, peace man, drugs man, IT man, organic man, algorithm man, uranium man & space man & genderless man in the age of fluidity & flavours & the ice cream person & let’s not forget retro man & round & round we go. We cannot escape our past no matter how much history we try & put between us & God & how much emphasis we seek to place on our ingenuity & seemingly progressive ways that we pursue at full speed & no holding back.

There is something deep in our hearts & deep in our flesh & DNA & spirit that has God’s fingerprint & the curse all over it.To understand it we need the God man who made men, women & children in His image…Jesus. Col 1:15-23. With Him is full restoration to a former glory that exists like a forgotten memory. Scripture urges us not to deny God's helpfulness & gracious acts that far outway mechanical aids & tools.


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