Sunday, 2 April 2017

Out of the blue & into the black, then the orangy beige

We are on the verge of moving away from the most hospitable & uniquely situated planet known to humanity where “The impression of design is overwhelming.” Paul Davies.

Insanity? is us, dressed up of course in soothed speech of profound intellect (supposed or assumed) & market possibilities & cosmic dreams where humanity chooses desolation over abundant life. I guess that’s what happens when we assume we are meant to master the universe & the el natural, exquisite metals & plastics & fuels, seize the day, and seize the planet.

So as much as climate change, once global warming (what is really causing it) is a problem here on earth with alleged dire outcomes it is a fine thing to opt for life, or a kind of living & getting by on Mars which has its own severe climate issues, but that's OK, don’t think too much about it just trust us when we won’t adapt as such but create artificial living conditions that mimic earth with I expect a very extreme cost of living. Be conditioned folks & peeps, space is us, step right up, step, right up & see the greatest showmen on earth. 


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