Sunday, 16 April 2017

Oh my goodness ?

Goodness won’t get you into heaven or a right relationship with God (Salvation cannot be earnt or bought). So why would the Apostle Peter encourage Christians to add goodness to their faith? 2 Pet 1:5.

1. Faith is a gift from God. Eph 2:8.
2. We are instructed to put that faith into practise & grow & mature in it.

This is part of the sanctification process & life-long in many respects. Being good is very much a part of being a Christian. 1 Pet 2:12. Being saved though is all down to Christ Jesus.

The sanctifying work of the Spirit is something that is often debated about & varies due to denominational differences. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t put the cart before the horse, neither can you put good works before Salvation.

If you don’t have Jesus, your good works amount to a rejection of God. It is a narrow gate but He alone is the only way to God.

Truth matters, doctrine matters. Its why we have different denominations & differences.


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