Monday, 24 April 2017

Observations & calculations

The fox is often on the run, the hunter & the hunted. We don’t always see its activity as they mostly operate in the nocturnal world.  At dawn & dusk they can be seen on the landscape & their dead bodies are easily recognisable by roadways after being hit by traffic.

The fox is known for its cunning in comparison to other creatures. Jesus called Herod a fox & the children of Israel lost chicks. Jesus likens himself to a sorrowful mother hen. Luke 13:31-35.

In this sense creation becomes more than a functional wisdom filled with life & death under the curse but a lesson book for all to see that points to our history & circumstance. We live in a beautiful world desolated & decimated by sin, in the landscape & in relationships. 

You don’t have to be a great scientist or mathematician or preacher to recognise sin & cunning in the world but you do need Jesus to put everything in its place.

Carnivorous & the Gospel.


After a couple of days I have settled on these two images as a final product artistically speaking. In hindsight I would probably pass on my previous post. Not that I would say they are wrong as such & so much more could be written again & again & again. 


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