Saturday, 1 April 2017

Not my Church, she belongs to God.

I realise ministry can be taxing & we all need time & space for family, friends etc...What I like about Nehemiah & also find consistent with the teachings of the Messiah was how he dealt with the nobles & officials who had sold out the poor. Nehemiah, after being challenged, could appreciate the sadness again, not a wall in ruins but the social cohesion or lack of it sadly.

The poorer Jews & their children, although just as good as those in officialdom were being handed a raw & oppressive deal,a bitter cup as the hierarchy opposed the poor. The book of Nehemiah is more than team work as it needs to be a certain kind before it has any worth. Neh 5:1-19.

Can various denominations or ministers stand up with Nehemiah & say I will or we will fore go perks or would they rather privatise various parts of ministry & separate themselves as special within the Kingdom of God…Something to consider at least as lurks & perks can be so attractive & tempting on a personal or group level. So much so that we may lose sight of what matters the most in God's church & Kingdom.Just saying.


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