Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Loyal subjects

A lot of people miss the connect between God, maths, science, art etc. God belongs in religion & religion has nothing to do with everyday life is the assumption. This formula is born out of modernism that assumes the big bang is solid & evolution is a fact.

The fact is that those two ideas have flaws & failings that just don’t add up even if the media create impressions that they do. You may even get hundreds of experts claiming consensus but that won’t change the flaws & failings…it will be just another impression designed to sure up favour.

So people are being educated & influenced but we are not being given the facts & flaws so that we can make informed decisions. Meanwhile God continues to give us maths, science, art, music etc. & without God at the centre of our life we continue to nurture nature into our lives & multiply that error & divide our understanding & subtract truth to create a lie.

Maths isn’t science & science cannot disprove the existence of God, it has chosen its path, it has chosen its belief & it is stcking to it, despite the failings & flaws.

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