Thursday, 27 April 2017

God's radiance & radar

19. Q. Whence do you know this?
A. From the holy gospel, which God himself first revealed in Paradise; afterwards published by the holy patriarchs and prophets, and foreshadowed by the sacrifices and other ceremonies of the law; and lastly fulfilled by his only begotten Son.


Lords day 6 Q & A 16-18 (Heidelberg Catechism) sets the scene for a saviour, but not just any Saviour. And this has been revealed to us by God himself. Christianity is not a man- made invention. God through the gospel is redeeming a people & calling them out of this troubled & torn world.

We begin to see it in Genesis & on a national scale with Abraham & the nation of Israel in ancient times. Like shadow puppets & silhouettes we don’t get all the detail. OT Israel get to see first-hand, wonderful & terrible things but Christ in the flesh is so much more. The hand of God is in all eras & the last days before the final curtain will bring an end to this life lived drama enveloped with spiritual influence.

This world is filled with fairy tales but the Bible isn’t one of them. It doesn’t sugar fill life like a can & pretty things up with artificial ideas. The Gospel points us to Christ as God’s promise of redeeming love, a shepherd that truly cares for His sheep, in  life & in death, sickness & health. The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.


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