Saturday, 8 April 2017

God is in the detail too

When a sermon (or a part of it just doesn’t cut it). No offence, but ministers can create false or limited impressions by what they choose to insert or remove from their message. We get that with songs enough & expect it. And the older you get the more you learn & hopefully retain & explain to those who may need more substance.

Yes you can’t cover every conceivable angle in a short sermon (a lot of people like them) & a long sermon can labour over things unnecessarily too. And it’s not all about head knowledge or memory verses & the minister’s wife or kids as if they are the measure or un-measure of all things.

Wet behind the ears, young punks & new brooms & old brooms & dry skin, deaf ears & shuffling feet make for interesting & interactive times. Conversation, feedback, clarification & all that other stuff that may go on on any given Sunday.


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