Monday, 10 April 2017

Biblical Nerve-arna

As kids we would see the adults go up the front & sit together for the Lords Supper, real bread & real wine that you could smell was poured out into two cups & passed around from the minister to his left & right. At the end of the supper with readings a hymn would be sung. Now days its grape juice in separate cups and bread or rice crackers passed along the isles. Both are solemn in their own way.

The hymns often seemed old & to be honest I couldn’t really comprehend the depth of meaning at the time as far as I know but I definitely had some favourite tunes. A bit like the rock & roll songs of the day that also were full of meaning that I couldn’t really grasp but also had lots of favourites.

But now those hymns hold so much richness & depth & the melody & tunes deliver a deep joy.It is something I could never of imagined, such as enjoying spinach & beans & stuff like that.

 I know there are trends in churches to throw out stuff considered to be old & out of fashion as the young seem to be given pride of place. Doctrine too is deemed to be not worthy or it is rebadged & softened like a pillow more than a book & placed as a footnote somewhere.

I don’t know why that is exactly & maybe the church should drop family & church from its vocabulary & we could all start to talk like teenagers again. We could have fairy bread & hamburgers & creaming soda for the Lord Supper too. And when you have 70 year old rockers can rock really be a consideration or justification to youth up or youth down worship. Maybe a mosh pit, Scripture does mention dance does it not. What a blast we oldies could have, man we would be so pumped & probably have to be with cortisone & pain killers & stuff.

I suppose if you can have hard rock you can have soft doctrine & soft teaching to create a contrast. That would sort of work on a sunny & clear day but remember storms have their place too.

* various stereotypicals are applied in this item 
& may or may not resemble actual circumstances at any give time.


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