Saturday, 15 April 2017

Beauty will rise again.

The bodily resurrection of Jesus is a physical fleshly testimony that death has been defeated. The misery of sin has been overcome & that is wonderful news. The risen King has conquered death by humility & obedience. Heb 1:1-4. Jesus is making all things new. He didn’t come to patch up things but to completely annihilate death, sin & the devil. That is greed, envy, pride, lies, deception, sickness, addiction, suffering etc.…The King of creation is about the restoration of all things.

Lots of people go for the idea that you are born, then you die & you cease to be, except for becoming a slow decomposition of what was once life, an apparently freak impossible chance of nature. Atheism without evidence, it is a faith but not in God. Others opt for cryonics & the prolonging of a futuristic world of chemical advancement.

Jesus came to set His people free. To be released from the deep misery that has beset & brutally attacked the blessing of life like vikings on a quest for ransacking power & rule. Yes we still see beauty (praise God) but cannot deny our dire need of salvation or redemption in this fallen world. The spirit driven transforming power of the gospel enables us to rejoice in the power of the resurrection displayed in Christ. In Him is true & lasting hope, now & forevermore. Acts 2:24-28. 


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