Friday, 14 April 2017

Amongst the fallen ruins

It seems extraordinary that Jesus remained silent regarding the accusations of the religious hierarchy, those supposed to be representatives of godly leadership.But then again he had addressed them time & time again.

An opportunity arises for the chief priests & elders & they persuade the crowd to condemn the innocent man Jesus. Pilate’s wife urges Pilate to have no part in it. Some commentators take it further & say Pilate doesn’t want any pressure from Caesar. I don’t know about that. Matt 27:11-26.

Church & State both fail regarding justice, like the law without the Spirit or human flesh without God. But this does not stop God from restoring the sin cursed world of fallen humanity & that is what is good about this Friday like no other.

Though this world plundered & ransacked be, though humanity operates on many levels of depravity & corruption...the bond that lay broken & shattered, the love & tenderness so far removed or twisted & torn may now be found again in the grace of God demonstrated in Christ.


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