Monday, 10 April 2017

A strong & constant love in an everchanging world

The Passover meal draws out the strong Scriptural historical perspective & it is more than a pattern & it is coming towards us, not going away. It starts back in Egypt like a vanishing point in reverse projecting forwards & expanding more & more into time as we know it.

The bloodied door posts of Hebrew dwellings in the land of slavery will have a powerful similarity & significance with a wooden cross that is probably rugged (but maybe not that old).Blood will be shed & a large curtain will be torn in two signifying the ushering in of the new covenant. All the Levitical stuff will now vanish into the distant past as the disciples/apostles take the gospel to all the nations & the four corners of the earth…something we already see in the OT but now things are getting bigger. 2 Cor 2: 12-17. 2 Cor 3: 1-6.

What started with Abram as far as the flesh is concerned becomes a revealed spiritual reality that bears witness to the fallen & broken world with which we find our presence.


I would say Leonardo Da Vinci’s visual forensic fabrication of the last supper gets it wrong, I would say you sit around a table, not along. Artistic licence often wins the day & artists have their Passovers & codes too, just like science & history as we look back or even now as we asses situations, da da ism, culture wars & all that. 


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