Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The promise keeper

In as much as technology enables new types of materials & building techniques that allow for some fancy architecture & design, God’s ark built buy Noah & his family must have been quite a site, even if the mockers kept mocking the preacher of righteousness as the purpose built ark was assembled & prepared.

There are several wow factors, big deep wow factors. Heb 11:7. God’s judgement on sin & God’s mercy, care & keeping of all that was protected & shielded in the wooden ark or box & not so much a boat as we know them today.

Today we live & build for the kingdom that comes with majesty & power (even if it is like a veil to many). In this world & on this earth we testify regarding God the maker of heaven & earth, our redeemer & judge of all the nations. Acts 1:8.


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