Friday, 31 March 2017

Talking Turkey

I don’t know much about turkeys but I know our neighbours down the back have a few. Every now & then a gobble, gobble, gobble will break the silence & the semi quiet of our home. We have become used to it but visitors certainly notice the most unusual bird call.

When I mow the yard I have to noisily pass the sometimes pungent caged area at the rear of our property which unsettles the birds a bit…which reminds me only yesterday I got stuck behind a country bumpkin in the supermarkets & he smelt like a pig farm…Mind you, getting stuck behind someone slicked up with overpowering aftershave or perfume can be just as adverse for my sensitive nose.

So anyway…The turkey was putting on such an impressive display that I thought it worth my while to go & grab my camera & take a few shots. Turkeys have a few things going on & that little beard thing popping out of its breast or chest is pretty unusual not to mention that bubbly skin that droops downwards from its head & feathers forcefully thrust & shaken in different directions..

You don’t need to go to the city & look in fancy windows or watch a John Christopher Depp the 2nd film to see some fancy & unusual stuff.


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