Monday, 13 March 2017

Saviour, like a shepherd lead us.

We like to track stuff. Keeping track of things can be very important & beneficial, even life sustaining (but just as much garbage depending what you follow). Keeping track of things can help us stay on track instead of wandering off. But as Hansel & Gretel would testify, it matters what you use to find or keep your bearings.

In as much as God has given us eyes & ears, they are to be used in conjunction with His Word from beginning to end. Things change & society & societies shift around in their search for fulfilment or meaning just like nations so long ago.Hansel & Gretel would testify to this too.

Like Goliath many people make their boasts regarding God or the Bible & like Jesus we should not cower but continue in faith looking to God in all things. In as much as the loud & arrogant boasts seem to tower over us, we should continue to boast in the Lord. God keeps track of all things, almighty, invisible, God only wise.In Scripture He reveals the mystery & purpose of Christ while the fallen & broken world wanders in unbelief.John 10:1-21.


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