Thursday, 9 March 2017


Birds of a feather flock together in nudist colonies (from what I have heard). Apart from nudes on the wall & statues, live nakedness is becoming a trend in art galleries too, pushing boundaries & challenging selected conventions, a seemingly uninhibited display of freedom or pride or a boast.

I was once reprimanded & threatened with expulsion by an incensed & bigoted art lecturer from an art school for not wanting to participate in a life drawing class. The supposedly accepting & tolerant post modernist & sort of spiritual man did not want to tolerate my belief.

I wouldn’t deny for one moment that the human body can possess beauty as well as function but I am going to go a little bit James Bond here & say that some things really are “for your eyes only.” Some things are exclusive & that is how God sees our bodies after the fall. Whether we are male or female God gives us boundaries for our good. God gives us beauty, function & boundaries that we may honour Him & one another with purity rather than a polluted mess.

Yes, Bond usually got his way with women who reciprocated in turn but our God teaches us not to think & act like that. 007 in reality is more like a 666 & He made no secret of that, charming & educated as his character was.


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