Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Prada, pants, powder & power

Woman/Women [is there such a thing for society anymore] in the work place can mean no woman/women in the home which can equate to some pretty spectacular gifts going by the wayside for the family. Yes I know money can be tight as the cost of living escalates & kids are therefore farmed off & sub let by others. I am not saying women should not work full stop, there is more to that story.

Families like an unborn child are aborted & stresssed at the expense some greater good [the state, the economy, the cost of living, a new car]…equality or money becomes the god in the anything you can do I can do better or just the same or not as good really. 

God doesn’t give us our roles to create a heirachy of shame, our differences can become our combined strength but equality is too blind to see that even if our own biology confronts us daily the gender bombs keep going off & scarring the landscape in the gender wars.

Equality is stuck on a horizontal bent but in Christ we see the vertical too, a beautiful relationship that compliments the contrasts. In Him we are forever blest as we are set free from the tyranny of self- importance & power politics. In Christ we learn to see what is what amongst the smoke & mirrors & the daily paradigm propoganda machine.

Will the experts lay down their expertise & become a novice in the name of equality. Will the doctor & lawyer renegotiate & split the difference with the lowly paid worker. You see, we discriminate everyday.


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