Tuesday, 14 March 2017

outrage on tap

There were times when townships & crowds became irate, intense & afraid when confronted with God in the flesh. Matt 8:28-34. Even in Jesus home town of Nazareth. Luke 4:20-30. The outrage, the not my God protests & fears.

We don’t like to be confronted with truth that challenges our so called comfort zones & this is just as true for Atheism. Anything that resembles or gives voice to Christianity is quickly shouted down with a blinkered self- righteousness that borrows its morals from the Bible...the ones that suit anyway.

Casting judgement on God & His word, preaching tolerance while being intolerant, protesting much & whipping up crowds is nothing new, it’s the same old spirit & dog on a chain & barking madly & loudly.

It is what put Jesus on the cross, the fear that turned to hate & just wanted God out of the way so they could feel comfortable again. The long weekend, yes…a kind of Easter, at least the chocolate but don’t give me any of that Jesus stuff, I am my own god. It is what we have become…just as God said we would, so long ago….cheers.


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