Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Out of the curse

The evolutionary dogma intertwined with atheistic tendencies would say that religion is all in the mind, something imagined, a mental crutch to deal with an overwhelming nature. Yet when it comes to gender identity it seems to be OK even though it really is in the mind.

Both in a way seek to un-imagine God as creator over all & in their own special way create their own little worlds of autonomy. One favours the mythology that nature made itself the other favours mind over matter.

Science cannot disprove God nor can it go back in time, it must assume many things that cannot be verified scientifically, hence all the wonderfully imagined stories of this becoming that without hard evidence.

It really does matter what you build on & how you build, lest your house comes crashing down. Jesus (who was & is God) came at an appointed time to develop & build His kingdom. Beginning with Abraham & then blessing the nations, the carpenters son, prophet & priest & king shepherds his people from on high. Isaiah 42:5-9. It is not the phoenix that will rise but Eden, beautiful Eden will be restored.

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