Thursday, 2 March 2017

Nothing Compares

Sorry science, your good at stuff, but not that good. Like music, maths or art or cooking or sport or humour or survival or whatever. Your waves only go so far & no further & then you come to a halt.

We would like to think that history is a thing of the past but many seek to create or make history. But what if history is like a thought already completed & “now playing”. That is how the Bible describes history. Her route already has a beginning & an end.

Even if you thought you could trick God & his story that would be part of history, a knowledge vast & beyond our capacity to comprehend it in its fullness. We begin to appreciate it in the personhood of God & through God inspired prophecy. God has revealed His wisdom in His creation but as humans we see Him best in the person of Jesus when He took on human flesh for our sakes because of the fall into sin (Gen 3).

And God knew that would already happen too. There is nothing that takes God by surprise. Little things & big things surprise us but God already knew it would happen, even before the sun & the moon & the stars were made. That is a knowledge that is faster than & brighter than light as we know it, beyond the sunset & beyond the sun.

[In the tradition of reworking traditional spiritual songs & with deep respect for the original lyrics, tune & Charles A Miles.]

Wide, wide as the ocean (that some say will get wider) high as the heavens above, deep, deep as the deepest sea (that some say will get deeper but not as deep as the sea that Noah & his family were preserved upon) is my Saviours love (& knowledge for that matter) I though so unworthy, still am a child of His care, for His Word teaches me that His love reaches me everywhere…everywhere. Psalm 139:1-24.Rom 8:35-39.


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