Monday, 27 March 2017

Not everything is as it seems

Its funny how a lot of the anti-bullying posts don’t mind a bit of bullying themselves, particularly singling out religious belief and labelling people homophobe…For all the supposed tolerance the slur keeps coming out, homophobe, homophobe, homophobe (insulting someone maybe makes them feel good).

And why… because you don’t fit the mould of anything goes when it comes to sexuality. You see an order that is in nature, a natural complementary beauty & you uphold it & protect it.

The world has lost its way & lost its senses, it is in too deep, it has taken the money & ran. Born that way is a con, so is feel that way…

Yet in God the Father we have a way back.Luke 15:11-32.

In the shadow of Troy & the culture wars


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