Friday, 3 March 2017

Mardi Gras 2017

The pretty rainbow that celebrates & symbolises sexual immorality as a new religion comes like an angel of light. Sex any colour you like without boundaries. Bow down to me or feel my wrath says the god of this age & many follow on the free & easy street of ancient desire seeking.Jude 1:11.

Like a cult it ventures into the extreme with its two wrongs make a right. As an infant I learnt that just because someone else does something openly & unashamedly doesn’t make it right & that is equally true if one thousand or ten thousand people participate. All are equally wrong no matter how much possessive pride is held.

Yes you have your glitter, your pennies, pounds & your flesh. As merchants you peddle your wares & promote your desires like a street car you show, shine & beckon but your bells & whistles dont fool all. To follow this pathway is to invite ruin & accept doom & misery that will dominate for eternity.Turn from your masquerade, flee from it before it devours you completely. Look to Christ & call on Jesus Name.

The street car named devour


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