Friday, 24 March 2017

Christ Revealed

One of the, if not the biggest deceptions to come out of the enlightenment was the illusion that nature is all there is. It cannot be scientifically proven but is a statement of faith or to put it another way, an apriori position similar to the atheist position there is no God (or gods-which Scripture would agree).

In this little world (of supposed blind chance with no moral basis) the human intellect becomes our supposed saviour…we can work it out. It lays claim to reason as if Scripture has no logic or reason when it has plenty of both.

Mistaking belief (which it also holds to) as superstition (which the Bible also argues against) it proposes another faith & another set of miracles that cannot be scientifically verified.

The enlightenment was not that more enlightened or intellectual for that matter. Medicine & science are in harmony with God & were being utilised before the enlightenment. Scripture recalls God’s created natural world where there are so many laws & demonstrations of intelligence as well as the presence of good & evil that cannot be contained or managed by education/knowledge in & of itself... We think we can work it out when in fact we actually were the first cause of sin entering this once oh so beautiful world.

It is blind unbelief that is sure to fail says our intelligent maker. His mysterious ways are less mysterious than those who profess that nature illogically made itself out of nothing or something but we don’t really know what or that some alien force is out there in just so scenarios propped up by esteemed teachers & wonderful graphics & commentary who rely on mathematical consensus rather than established & observable facts.

As it is with the elements so it is with faith. It needs to be a certain kind before Salvation can be imparted or dispersed. There is only one who fits the required purity & obedience and He is Christ Jesus.

Beware the science gurus & philosophers of this age or ages past that come in sheep's clothing, they are nothing of the sort.They have an element of deception that leads us away from God & into godlessness on mass. They have a different light that is mostly darkness.


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