Tuesday, 7 February 2017

We are all connected

God & His creation go hand in hand despite attempts to wedge Him from what He has made. When people stand or sit in awe of nature they are witnessing part of the power & majesty of God. But sadly they cannot make the connection as nature gets all the glory & honour. Rom 1:18-32.Such is the human condition, trapped in a multi culture of deceptions over multiple generations with sin at its core.

Like the prodigal son who took the money & ran we are, daughters of Eve & the sons of Adam, 196 or so shades of nation & only one true light. John 8:48-59. Just as the Jews could not recognise God in the flesh, many cannot recognise God’s work in the heavens & the earth as they trust in the assumptions of men & women.

We are all connected, but we must take it further...connected to what & why. The Bible makes it plain, the Bible tells us so.


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