Monday, 27 February 2017

We all have barns

I am a bit of a picker, I keep an eye out for old stuff that may have potential for an art project, bits of wood, old bikes, pallets & stuff. One day, one day. In the meantime I am fixing up our house & do maintenance & repairs on our yard & cars as well as work mostly.

I don’t like to chuck stuff away. One of my old friends had a father in law who was a missionary in Papua New Guinea for most of his life. When he retired back in Australia to be with family he would see bent nails around a building site & then set out to straighten them.

Its what God does with a bent & broken humanity. Things that we deem not worth the concern or time are treasured by God. The progressive society bent on moving forwards rushes on casting off its past to fill its void as its world continually crumbles as it embraces chaos & meaning in meaningless.Without truth that is what we are even if we perceive it to be otherwise as we are fooled by the mirage or illusion/delusion

We really do reap what we sow in the landscape of our lives.Gal 6:7.


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