Thursday, 23 February 2017

The worlds of more, more...more

This is a piano tuna & it is tuned to swim in the sea. In today’s world of tinned flavours we may easily lose the connect between the things that we eat or refuse to eat for various reasons & the habitat/eco systems of life giving sustainability.

These fish are capable of ballistic speed & power as they school &mature in the vast oceans(some are farmed). With the acceleration of human ingenuity & greed it’s not that hard to tip the balance in the favour of destructive ignorant behaviour & outcomes.

Consumerism, Banking systems, Politics, Religions & non religions, Science, families & friends, all have the potential for harm & death.

That’s why God came in the likeness of humanity intent on restoration. Rev 21:5-8. Try as we might we cannot save ourselves from ourselves, something greater than humanity is required. Life is bigger than us & God bigger still.

[Sustain my spirit O God, leave me not to my own devices, keep me in tune with your will & your Word]

more love to thee: fernando ortega


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