Monday, 20 February 2017


After 9-11 when the news became more engaged with the Middle East & production line suicide bombers I recall many coming to the conclusion that those Arabs were crazy. Yet somehow they managed to hold off the might of major military opponents equipped & funded to the hilt & at times equally crazy.

In a way the west now is becoming more extreme, for all its supposed layers of civility, modern tribal warfare & political destabilisation plays out. And was it any different with the Kings and Queens of Europe or Egypt centuries gone but not forgotten.

In the madness & in the mayhem of Nebuchadnezzarism the quiet voice of God reigns supreme. Be still & know that I am God. Mark 4:39. Psalm 46:1-11. (Did John Lennon borrow from the Psalms? Stand by me…Imagine that)

This is the good news amongst all the anxious & angry news. God’s news has been heralded, written, printed, published & sent abroad that we may hear it with joy & hope in a world evidently damaged, wounded & slain by sin.


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