Friday, 27 January 2017

time after time

I have been married 22 years to the day(28th) & the bride has become more beautiful with age. The joining of man & woman into one functional, spiritual, sexual, emotional entity is one of the many blessings that God has given his church & his world.

Imitations & distortions abound but God’s original design is clearly seen, even if it looks more like a remnant than a current trending status quo in self determined & self-assured dire straits.

The blessing of Christian marriage is not marriage in and of itself but the fact that God is in the centre. He is in the midst of it all & really is what makes the relationship tick.

Others want in on my marriage, I get requests online to share nude photos & perverse stuff like that (they don’t seem interested in her inner beauty or what she has to say). The TV wants to shape the idea of marriage, governments want to shape the idea of marriage. This trend setting world is missing out on so much as it looks for love & meaning more in keeping with ancient Rome stuck on a hedonistic bent than a fulfilment of ecstatic joy & delight that gives contentment.


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