Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Thy kingdom come

It seems a contradiction at first that Jesus the good shepherd would send his sheep out into the wild world of hostility & deception. Yet this is what the Saviour says is for our good & true it is for he is with His church.

His instruction is clear…be on guard as he is on guard. The church in general appearance is not all for one & one for all. There are false apostles that twist the word of God to their own ends, with good intent as much as bad. Outwardly is not the same as inwardly. Matt 7:15-20.Contrary to popular fashion trends, clothes do not maketh the person,or a certificate of acheivement for that matter, it is the heart & head & actions which define us foremost. 

The church of God is called to defend the faith, not twist it.In the meantime many seek to undermine the Christ & His messianic mission to call the lost to repentance & faith lest they fail to escape the coming judgement assigned to the historical narrative timeline.

Who was Jesus, was he misunderstood or do we misunderstand ourselves & the tricky ways in which Scripture & God is seemingly undermined & has been since the beginning.



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