Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Recycling Worldliness

We are tempted & persuaded to believe in our own greatness… yes we are clever as we reveal the ability to fashion & shape our world. In a way we adorn ourselves with medallions of great honour & rob God of the honour due to Him. Such is our lot, such is our nature, and it is our universal trait that goes back to the fall.

Yes we can make history (& tragedy) but we can never recreate God or undo the curse as much as we try & try & think & think. God will always be God despite our image-i-nations telling us nature is all there is as we seek to imitate life & lifelessness.

That is why Christ Jesus is so important & central to our restoration. Only in him is there truth & light that can transform & break the prevailing recycled evil still so prevalent in the supposed modern age of throw away plastic & petrochemical concoctions. John 1:1-18.


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