Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Solid Rock

Australia: The land down under the equator that is connected to all other lands like the story of humanity separated by the vast ocean with all its force & volume. Being a somewhat big country the landscape changes significantly. Big hot deserts dry as a bone, rainforests drenched in shade & moisture, gum trees as far as the eye can see, rivers that weave a way, a coastland of white & golden sand that meets the turquoise waters where the reefs give way to the ocean that descends into the deep. Be amazed but be very careful.

Australia is a big land with many skeletons & many closets. Deadly creatures, deadly philosophies & deadly science driven by the savage Darwinian myth of a superior race allegedly more advanced.

Australia has a dark past & a dark present & in this darkness a light shines. A glorious light that leads us home, far from the devastation & judgement to come.1 John 1:5. - 1 John 2:2. The way forward requires forgiveness of sins & there is only one who can truly do that. A beautiful Saviour.

Beautiful Saviour(lyrics)


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