Friday, 23 December 2016

Revealing God, Joyful God

So many years ago, so far removed and so far away from the modern backdrop of 2016... Many would like to think that we have progressed & in some ways we have as we go full circle with our retro stuff. To be sure we invent new technologies, some deadly & harmful just as much as helpful & at great cost. Chemicals, pollution,disinfectants & super-bugs, wars and threats of war in states of enmity. Swapping one consumable for the next as we talk all day about sustaining. Fly me to the moon or mars in the name of logic or maths or physics or a bucket list or whatever. Just another pyramid of sorts.

Meanwhile human nature remains the same as does God.

O sinner man, where ya gunna run to next, o sinner woman where ya gunna hide. Will you pull some strings like Herod & believe in your greatness or will you bow in humility & sing like Zechariah or Mary. Luke 1:46-56.

God knows our weaknesses, He knows our hearts & he came to bleed for them that they may be set free from sin, that inescapable sin.

God came down to us… became like us in every way that we may know the author of life. He has shown us what mercy is, he has shown us what compassion is, he has warned us & taught us. Spoken, written in ink or digitally displayed…we still need to see & hear that same good news today. Isaiah 42:1-17.

Don't fall for the myth of the modern with its many idols, only God can truly save.


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