Friday, 9 December 2016

Music for a broken and wornout world

The primary, the original, the very first Christmas comes to us by the hand of God, the big census, the angelic announcement, the humble birth, the choirs of angels in the night sky and the lowly shepherds that witness the babe in the manger. God is a revealing God who pierces the darkness of sin (alienation & disobedience).

God takes on the form of human flesh & bone in the midst of Roman domination (Gloria in excelsis Deo). The angel did not say and you are to give him the name money, or science, or innovation, crowd pleaser, feel good or guru. The angel said you are to give him the name Jesus (Saviour). Luke 1:31.

Under the grip of recklessness & restlessness and the urge to be autonomous we cannot see our dire needs for what they are. In our desire to be clean we create superbugs. In our desire to be righteous we extol immorality and worship the nature of the beast & mock religion and the very person who alone can save and deliver…Messiah, only he can truly restore all things.

In the midst of the fragility of life and technology, Jesus & The Spirit proclaim witness to the love and mercy of God the Father and like a mother protects.Psalm 91:1-16. There is a Hallelujah that sadness & misery has no claim for joy has come into the world.


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