Monday, 26 December 2016

Lord of the years, Lord through the years

God the watch or clock maker of precision… the heavenly lights testify to the purposefulness of creation. Wherever or whatever our latitude & longitude we cannot but help notice the magnitude, order & wonder of it all complimented by sublime beauty. Age after age, time after time, moment by moment we see it & hear its grand declaration of silent design made by God.

Yes I hear the objections & arguments that it was all an accident, blind chance, luck or whatever, a monstrous big bang like a firework as the ever changing data & non data stories shift about. But I hear something greater & wiser in the quiet whisper of God’s Word & world.

So the days go by and the years go by as we fade like shadows upon the transient earth. Our magnitude fades into memories that also fade with time as new days & years transform into a new existence & only in God, through Christ can I be truly happy & blessed. In Him we greatly rejoice. Gen 1:14-15. Psalm 118:1-29.John 1:16-18.


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