Sunday, 25 December 2016

God's Wisdom & Love

As much as we think Christmas is over, it has only just begun. The angelic announcements messaged from heaven, wonderful & glorious as they are, are but a drop in an ocean. The baby Jesus is going to an event. Luke 2:21-40. The Christmas Polaroid becomes the Easter Passion & the Pentecostal moment. The disciples become apostles, the lost become found as the gospel era unfolds across the earth. The dove that brings peace, power & purity presents the Gospel of Grace with a love stronger than death.

Wide, wide as the ocean, high as the heaven above, deep, deep as the deepest see is my Saviour's love.

K-LOVE "How He Loves" by Crowder

[A lot of people seem to rage about the alleged injustice of circumcision but turn a blind eye to abortion. And anyway, if a mother can do what she wants with her body including a unique individual child inside it then surely God can do what He wants with His creation.]


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