Thursday, 29 December 2016

"Dwellers all in time and space"

This is it, the big countdown amidst the universal language of time. Months turn into weeks, weeks/days, days/hours, hours/minutes… minutes into seconds & milliseconds for the advocates of the technically inclined, then time is up. Game over, kaput, severed, no going back.

Ecclesiastes had it covered regarding what really matters in life & in death pre the Christ child. Time in one way is a virtual idea & in another, real, physical & inescapable no matter how much fight, flight, fling or dance you have in you.

In a world where we can be so often side tracked or derailed there is the stuff that really matters. It goes beyond food & water, chocolates, hamburgers & milkshakes, sushi bars, healthy fruit blends & even coffee or Pokémon (and what is so special about champagne anyway) with its strict adherance to process.

As an inspired book that pre dates Christ in the flesh & His coming, Eccl 12:11. Ecclesiastes cuts to the chase & wraps it up in 12 chapters. A book of days & nights & years with a countdown, countdown, countdown.


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