Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Close to Thy(Your) Heart

There will be a lot of focus on Mary,Joseph & Jesus this holiday season, & rightly so. It is easy to skim over the part that Zechariah & Elizabeth played in God's redemption for a world in the grip of undeniable sin. John 1:1-18.

An old married couple who had been praying for years & waiting on God for a child. God's timing is always best, even if we cannot fully fathom that, even if we may have to carry pain & heartache. Luke 1:5-25. God's Grace is sufficient for all that we need. 

In God we find a comfort  & strength that goes way beyond positive thinking. Living by faith accepts that heartache & pain may need to be carried, unpleasant as it may seem. God is the good teacher with practical lessons so that we may grow closer to Him...

nearer still nearer.


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