Monday, 19 December 2016

Boy meets world

The man & male named Saul had come to realise that he was a chief if not the chief of sinners. 1 Tim 1:15-17. And yet he ends up with the greatest gift of all. As much as Santa is a jolly fat fellow, he too like so many religions are works based.

How can it be a free gift if you have to earn it by being a ‘good’ person? Once again the Saviour gives us a lesson in Grace & Salvation.Salvation cannot be bought or earned, it is freely given.

Yes family & health are special & as we age we may come to the realisation that possessions & presents & clothes do not make the man or woman for that matter, try as we might!

But have we come to the realisation that there is something greater than family & health in this world? Of course the answer is God. He is family & health in its greatest & purest form, Christ Jesus, friend of sinners & giver of lasting gifts. May we truly glory in Him, our only true & lasting hope that does not disappoint. Matt 11:1-19.

Christmas is about the boy story, not the toy story & even all those Santa's wont change that.

John 3:16-21.


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